Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship Grant May 05 Arts Council of Indianapolis IN

Gopalan Contemporary Art Show November 08 Indianapolis IN
Robert Goodman Jewelers / Gallery
November 08 Zionsville IN
Domont Gallery Show
November 07 Indianapolis IN
Interlace: Women’s Hands Exhibit
October 06 Indianapolis IN
Spark Exhibition June 03 Lamp Fine Art Gallery Indianapolis IN
Naturally Inspired Art May 03 White River Gardens Indianapolis IN
Bodner Studios’ Spring Group Show May 03 Indianapolis IN
Dwellings: Two Person Show January 03 Harrison Center for the Arts Indianapolis IN
Bodner Studios Artists’ Show December 02 Indianapolis IN
Spirit & Place Festival: St. Thomas Aquinas Church November 02 Indianapolis IN
Contemporary Women Artists of Indiana May 02 Domont Studio Gallery Indianapolis IN
Art & Social Justice Colfax Campus Galleries March 01 South Bend IN
Arty Bash Unitarian Universalist Church May 00 Indianapolis IN
Broward County Arts Council April 00 Fort Lauderdale FL
Tarpon River Studios Show February 00 Fort Lauderdale FL
Works June 96, 97, 98 Bloomington Bagel Company Bloomington IN
Big Little Art Show October 96 Daisybrain Gallery Bloomington IN
Evening with the Arts May 94-97 John Waldron Gallery Bloomington IN
Insatiable September 92 Aquarius Bookstore Bloomington IN

Times Sentinel News “Contemporary Art” December 08 Zionsville IN
Art Business News Midwest Publication December 07 Chicago IL
Nuvo News
December 07 Indianapolis IN
Spirit and Place Catalog of Events November 07 Indianapolis IN                               
Unitarian Universalist World Magazine October 06 Boston MA
Fire in My Bones Opera Playbill February 04 Indianapolis IN

Children’s Museum, Prelude High School Art Exhibit January 08 Indianapolis IN
Herron Alumni Show
May 07 Indianapolis IN
Southside Art League March 05 Indianapolis IN
CTS: Forgiveness Exhibit February 03 Indianapolis IN
Back to the Fifties September 01, 02 Lebanon IN
Munce Fine Art Fair September 02 Zionsville IN

Hoosier Salon, Executive Director October 05 – 07 Indianapolis IN
Munce Art Center, Director September 00 – 04 Zionsville IN

Universal Symbols in World Religious Art June 02 UUA GA Quebec, Canada

Unitarian Universalist Church August 04 - May 05 Muncie IN
Unitarian Universalist Church: Mandala Project May 02 Indianapolis IN
Bartholomew Schools Summer Programs June 98 & 99 Columbus IN
Lincoln / Fodrea Elementary Schools June 97 Columbus IN

Rhythm Quest at John Waldron Art Center Theater October 97 Bloomington IN
Three Voices at John Waldron Art Center Theater August 95 & 96 Bloomington IN

Annie Jr. March 99 Saint Mark’s Episcopal School Fort Lauderdale FL
Featherby’s Fables: 24 PBS Programs 83, 84 Vincennes University Vincennes IN

K-6 Art - Vincennes Community Schools 85-90 Vincennes IN
K-6 Art – Bartholomew County Consolidated Schools
92 – 98 Columbus IN
K-2 Art – St. Mark Episcopal School 
98 – 00 Ft. Lauderdale FL

Master of Theological Studies: Art & Religion December 06 Indianapolis IN
Master of Divinity May 05 Indianapolis IN
Undergrad Work Fine Art,Elementary Education & Horticulture May 86 Terre Haute IN