Twin Muses: Art and Poetry   $ 26.00
Full-color, hardcover copy of a selection of poems written by 20 Indiana writers. The poems were matched to 22 works of art created by Amy Kindred. ©2010, AKindred Art Publications                                                                                                                  
Twelve Writers from the Heartland   $15.00
Collection of writings composed by 12 Indiana Authors. (A couple of the selections were co-written.)
The compilation covers a multitude of subjects from the topic of art and religion to western fiction and children’s stories. ©2007, New Century Publishing Company - Limited quantities are available.

The Hunger for Hope: Spiritual Journeys
of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo
Soft-cover book with rich narrative that explores and compares the artists’ works of art, their writings, and their differing approaches to acquiring hope in the midst of personal challenge. Written by Amy Kindred. ©2009, AKindred Art Publications

Anthology of Inspirational Writing $15.00
Filled with stories of hope and healing, it’s a collection of more work by selected Indiana authors, including Amy Kindred. ©2008, New Century Publishing Company - Limited quantities are available.

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